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We help entrepreneurs, transitioning executives, job seekers, senior citizens, and others to understand and use technology in their personal and professional lives.

Our technology tutoring and consulting is personalized to each client’s needs and unique learning style.  We come to your home or office whenever possible.


Your Computer Tutor will be relocating to the Palm Beach County, FL area. Onsite visits in the Denver area will be available until March 20, 2020.

Your Computer Tutor Coaching

Technology Coaching Can Help You

  • Use technology in your small business
  • Synchronize data across multiple devices
  • Sharpen your skills to re-enter the workforce or change careers
  • Keep in touch with clients, friends and family with email, photos, and social media
  • Gain a better understanding of computer and internet concepts

Client Reviews

Denise is a trouper! She has taken a baby boomer without much real experience using technology in my medical practice, and now we’re loading my LinkedIn with illustrated articles and constructing new pages on my website, and the creative ideas are really starting to flow. Thanks, Denise!

Dr. Scott Cunningham, M.D., Great Health 365

I’m not indulging in overstatement when I say I don’t know what I’d do without Your Computer Tutor. I’ve hired Denise Rivas on several occasions to help me sort out various issues related to the software I use, or how my web site should function; fix the annoying things I just don’t get….And because she “speaks Geek,” she’s even talked with support people on the phone on my behalf. To me, that’s huge. I’m happy to recommend Your Computer Tutor to people who, like me, don’t want to spend a lot of time away from the job at hand trying to figure out the technology behind the task.

Mary Lemma, Mary Lemma Writes

One of the toughest parts of my transition was not having an IT department to help me. Denise not only filled that void but also taught me how to manage the benefits of technology.

Jan Fields, Corporate Director

I had the pleasure of hiring Denise to help me work through some computer glitches and to explain the techy things that I just don’t get. She was able to get me up and running again and explain things in a way that I could understand! I love that she comes to me! Makes it so convenient. Her professionalism, expertise and warm personality are the perfect package. I strongly recommend her services.

Jennifer Rankin, DDS, RM Dental

Denise knows what she is doing! Our office hired her to help us synchronize our Google calendars, share emails as well as develop a strategy for file and document sharing. Not only did she make it all happen, she put it in simple terms that everyone could understand! What she accomplished in a few hours has given our office the freedom to work remotely and easily share data when necessary. Now….we know where our stuff is! Can’t say enough good things about Denise and her company and we recommend highly.

Leanne Osgood, Osgood Team Real Estate

Denise has been an outstanding computer tutor to me and my daughter for years. She is amazing.

Joan Hollingsworth, Geneologist

Denise works small miracles every day!

Sue Sparkes, Longtime Client

You have excellent listening and teaching skills and you never make me feel dumb. You are great at what you do and the WAY that you do it!

Rob Fletcher, Financial Planner

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When you are settling into a new computer or smartphone, you will likely be prompted for every single godforsaken set of logon credentials you have ever created since the beginning of time. This is a slow torture that often lasts a full year.

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