Adjusting to the Mac – The Honeymoon Report

I'm well into the honeymoon period with my new Mac, and I promised you all in my last post that I would report in.  I had no intention of giving up my Windows laptop PC, and am now running the Mac and the PC side by side and use each depending on my mood, and what [...]

A PC-Native Takes the Mac Plunge

They say, "Once you go Mac, you'll never go back."  Your Computer Tutor is on a mission to see how true this is, at least for me.  We're Going Mac! My clients are a mix of PC and Mac users, and I've always been able to provide training and setup on both platforms. Back in [...]

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Email: Challenging Conventional Wisdom

What's better - Email software or webmail? IMAP vs. POP What is the best email provider? This is the second of a series of blog entries having to do with productivity data.  Productivity data includes email, contacts/address books, calendar, and tasks/to-do management. It's the "who, what, when, where and how" information that comes through our [...]

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It’s Midnight…Do You Know Where Your Productivity Data Is?

Productivity data includes Email, Calendar, Contacts / Address Book, and Tasks / To-Do's What would happen if one of your devices – your cell phone, computer or tablet – were to become lost, stolen, or broken? If you decided to switch to a new personal technology device, would you be at risk of losing [...]

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Irony, Nostalgia, and Some Revenge on Youth

Generation Y kids are going retro, returning to old-school methods of listening to music. We had a moment this afternoon in our household.  A moment whose irony and significance is not lost on this promoter of "better living through technology."  My kids, ages 16 and 21, opened up their new turntable, and were approaching it the [...]

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Email Overload? Take Control of Your Inbox!

You may consider all commercial email to be "Junk," but it's important to make the distinction between known and unknown senders, and handle them differently. Consider the Source – Known vs. Unknown Known senders include companies you've done business with, or whose mailing list you signed up for (perhaps without realizing it).  These companies may [...]

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Let’s Discuss: Backup vs. Cloud Storage – What’s the Difference?

Let's Discuss: Backup vs. Cloud Storage - What's the Difference? ​"I store all my documents and pictures in the Cloud, so I don't back up my computer."   We hear statements like this all the time.  Is this a dangerous approach?  As with many questions posed to consultants, the answer to this one is "It Depends." [...]

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