Calendar Q & A

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Disappearing appointments? Failure to Sync? Here we'll address the most common questions and issues I encounter when I'm helping clients with calendars on their computers and mobile devices. If you have a question I don't cover here, please ask it in the Comments box at the bottom of the article. Disappearing Appointments Q: When I [...]

The Cloud for Consumers

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Cloudy...With a Chance of...Confusion? Cloud computing is a popular phrase these days, and it can mean different things to people and businesses. Even if you aren't running a big business, as a consumer you are likely using "The Cloud" in some capacity. Depending on the type of computer or mobile device you have, you may [...]

Adjusting to the Mac – The Honeymoon Report

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I'm well into the honeymoon period with my new Mac, and I promised you all in my last post that I would report in.  I had no intention of giving up my Windows laptop PC, and am now running the Mac and the PC side by side and use each depending on my mood, and what [...]

It’s Midnight…Do You Know Where Your Productivity Data Is?

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Productivity data includes Email, Calendar, Contacts / Address Book, and Tasks / To-Do's What would happen if one of your devices – your cell phone, computer or tablet – were to become lost, stolen, or broken? If you decided to switch to a new personal technology device, would you be at risk of [...]