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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)2018-07-16T16:43:28+00:00
Do we have to meet at my home or office?2019-06-06T21:00:08+00:00

“@ Your Pace @ Your Place” can mean just about anywhere, with certain limitations. It often makes sense to meet at a coffee shop or library. We can generally work anywhere where there is good WiFi/Internet. If we are setting up a new printer, home network, etc., a home/office visit is recommended.

The minimum session fee for an onsite visit still applies, regardless of where we agree to meet.

Can Your Computer Tutor help me? I’m really bad at technology!2019-06-06T21:00:38+00:00

Yes! If you want to learn more about technology, or even if all you want to do is just tolerate the technology in your life, Your Computer Tutor can help you.

We Work With:

  • Beginners to Advanced Users
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Career-Changers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Senior Citizens
  • Executives transitioning to new role or retiring
Can Your Computer Tutor fix my computer or device?2018-07-16T16:45:47+00:00

While Your Computer Tutor can help diagnose the nature of a problem on your computer or device, our expertise is in teaching you how to best use the apps and features on your devices.

We can often “fix” a device by showing you how to properly configure your operating system or software settings.

However, when there is a problem with your device’s hardware, operating system, virus, data corruption, etc., you cannot be expected to properly learn how to use it. In these cases, we will first refer you to a local technician.

Does Your Computer Tutor offer any pricing discounts?2018-07-16T16:19:21+00:00

Yes; A pricing discount is offered for prepaid purchases of 6 hours or more. We call this package a “6-pack” and it works somewhat like a retainer:

Normal rate for 6 hours x $80 = $480

less 10% discount = $432 (works out to $72/hr.)

The $432 is paid before the end of our first visit. We track the time you use against your prepaid hours.

The 6-pack can be used for remote sessions, research or projects done offsite on your behalf, as well as onsite visits. Our 1.5 hr minimum charge still applies to onsite visits, but with a 6-pack, a 1.5 hr. onsite visit effectively costs $108 rather than $120.

How much does Your Computer Tutor charge?2018-07-16T16:09:31+00:00

Our base rate is $80/hr.

Onsite (in-person) sessions require a 1.5 hr. minimum, so $120 minimum, after which additional charges are rounded to the nearest 15 minutes ($20/15-minutes).

Remote sessions are rounded to the nearest 15 minutes, at $20 per 15-minutes.

Read more about our pricing here