​​​​How We Work

Services are generally based on hourly rates (see below).

Larger projects can be quoted on a fixed-bid basis.

All services are subject to our Services Agreement, which will be provided for review and signature prior to scheduling your first appointment.

We serve the Denver metropolitan area with onsite visits, and anywhere else via remote assistance.​

Pricing and Policies

Personalized Coaching/Consulting

  • Onsite Visits

    $120 for the first 1.5 hour (minimum), $20 per each additional 15-minute increment. ($80/hr.)

    Payment is due and collected at the end of the visit.  Cash, checks, and major credit cards are accepted.

    We try to limit each onsite visit to no more than two hours at a time, so new information can be absorbed.

    Onsite services to be rendered outside of the South Metro Denver area may be subject to a trip fee.

    By appointment only

  • Discounted 6-Pack

    10% discount for prepaid purchases of 6 hours (reduces rate to $72/hr.)

    $432 prepaid

    When used for onsite services, the six hours are typically divided among three separate sessions; four sessions at the most, as the minimum charge for an onsite visit is 1.5 hours.

    The 6-Pack package is ideal for those with several topics to address, or for settling into a new computer

  • Remote Coaching Sessions

    Coaching sessions via phone and internet are offered by appointment at $20 per 15-minute time block (one time-block minimum).

Troubleshooting and Support

  • Remote Assistance

    Help by phone, email, or live remote assistance is offered by appointment at $20 per 15-minute time block (one time-block minimum).

  • Follow-Up Assistance

    Reasonable follow-up support by phone or email is included as a courtesy for clients immediately following personalized coaching sessions.

  • Technical Repairs

    Issues such as virus removal, major operating system problems, etc. will be referred to a local technician.

Unused credit for prepaid services may be converted to other services, at the then-prevailing rate for the service being purchased/converted to.